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Julie Hall

Who is Norwegian Voice Over Artist?

Julie Hall is born and raised on the Norwegian country side, and speaks  with a natural east Norwegian accent as known around the Oslo area, although she also masters the broad accent from the Toten-area.


Through eights years of studies towards becoming a professional singer and actress, including the renowned Ballet Academy in Gothenburg in Sweden, she gained knowledge of the many facets of the voice. The art of using the voice to tell stories with true emotions, and communicating different levels of subtext, has taken her on a never ending vocal journey.​

Julie spent several years in Germany, working as a musical theater actress in shows like "Cats" and "Chicago", as well as a pop/rock singer in shows like the "Swedish Legend" - an ABBA tribute show, and several colourful shows on the AIDA Cruises. ​


Along with explosive stage performances, Julie works as a contemplative songwriter. When recording her songs in sound studios, she explores the quieter aspects of the voice, and the beauty and expressions one can find in the subtleties. 

Julie Hall 2022 Lillehammer_edited.jpg

Julie started her own voice over recording studio in 2017, which since the pandemic has become her full time occupation. Alongside recording explainer videos and commercials, she also translates children's songs and sings funny voices for the popular youtube channel "HeyKids".


Currently Julie is also pursuing a career as a psychologist at NTNU in Trondheim, connecting the understanding of voice and psyche. 

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