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The Process

Hi! I'm Julie. Let me explain the process of buying a voice over track. It starts with you telling me about your product, giving me the instructions I need for recording, as well as the necessary material. You'll receive a recording, and then an invoice - quite simple! No intermediaries - just a direct contact between me and you.

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The Process

1. Instructions

Please contact me through e-mail or the contact form, explaining your project and your visions for the recording. Tell me if the recording is to be used to a video, whether it needs synchronization to fit the video timing, or/and what kind of music you have/will have. Tell me how many words your text is or how long the video is.  Tell me if you want just one take, or several takes to chose from. 

Will the recording be used by you privately, or will it be posted on a website or social media? Check the price list for the different types of projects.

2. What I need to know

Please send me the text, video, music, original voice recording or link to your inspiration for the project if you have. The more information you have for me, the better I can understand what you want the voice over to sound like.

Please tell me what voice style you imagine. A brisk, energetic voice? Or a professional, convincing voice? Are you selling a product, or offering information? Who is your target audience, and what action do you want the listener to take when hearing the recording?

3. You will get

From a Rode NT1-A mic, you’ll receive mixed and mastered tracks in a .wav or .mp3-format, 44.1 khz, 24 bit. Mixing includes cutting and editing away all mistakes, breaths, noises, mouth clicks, sharp s's and p's, and other sounds we don't want in the tracks. The volume will be raised to a standard of -3 db, EQ and compression will be added, and the files will be mastered and exported through the program Adobe Audition, and sent to you, ready for use. 

4. Your comments

After giving clear instructions, most clients are happy with the first take. If you are not quite satisfied, a full revision is included for smaller projects up to 250 words, based on your comments. For larger projects, a demo of the text is sent first, to get approved by you before continuing the project. 

For revisions where you want changes in the original text, an extra fee will be added. Any mistakes or mispronunciations made by me, will of course be fixed, free of charge.

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5. You'll get an invoice 

Your satisfaction with the product is of utmost importance to me. I will do my best to make the recording just as you imagined. The invoice can be paid through either paypal or bank transfer. (As by § 3-7 in the Norwegian VAT-law, voice actors are not required to charge VAT).



Demos and Revisions

For shorter projects up to 250 words, 1 full revision is included in the price (meaning I will record the whole text anew). Small changes are also included, but further revisions will be added to the price. Artistic changes in the original text or new ideas are not included in the price, and must be negotiated later if necessary. Pronunciation of product names and special emphasis on words must be specified beforehand.


For longer projects, a short sample of the text will be sent you to comment on, to decide on the right voice style you imagine before continuing the project. Small changes are included, but not a full revision.

Synchronization to a video

Will your recording be the
1. Original video voice track? Are you planning to make the video before or after the voice is recorded? If before, please send me the video you have in order for me to synchronize the voice to the images. If after, please send me the storyboard and planned music, if you have them. If you don’t have any clear plans, then please send me links from youtube with your inspiration for voice style, music and video.

2. A Norwegian version of an already existing video in another language? Is your video already finished and produced, and you just need a Norwegian version of it? Do you need the paragraphs approximately synced to the original, or do you need each sentence need to be perfectly timed?

Then please provide me with the 1) original video, 2) the original text with time indications, 3) the Norwegian translation, and
4) the original audio track on mp3, if you have it.

3. One of many voices in the text? If your text consists of several actors, I need to see the whole text, not just my lines. Please provide me with the whole text, and mark out which lines I shall read. If you already have the video, or the recordings from the other actors, that would be helpful.

The more info I have, the better I can understand your wishes.

Translation / Proof reading

Do you need your text translated or proofread? I translate from English, German and Swedish, with correct Norwegian grammar and semantics, and a versatile language adjusting to the appropriate style and target audience. With deep knowledge of the source languages and an excellency of the Norwegian language, no idiomatic expressions or cultural differences will get lost in the translations.

A text is more than just words, especially when it is to be read out loud. My experience with song writing, singing and acting guides the writing process; taking care of sentence rhythm, word emphasis and the general musicality of the text - will bring your text to a higher level, making it sound good when read.

Rights to own and publish

Who will listen to the recordings? If they are for your private use, then no rights are necessary. The same counts for in house use for your company i.e. for training purposes. For use on the internet, like on your website, on youtube or other social media, you’ll need to buy the commercial rights to use and publish the recording. For broadcasting on TV or radio, full broadcast rights are required. Albeit once bought, the rights are yours to use for unlimited time.

The voice over artist still holds the rights to use the tracks for self-promotion, unless otherwise discussed.

Do you want to be part of the recording session?

Take part in the recording session, by being there on a audio/ video call to guide and comment on the reading. For short deadline-projects or emphasis sensitive slogans, a live session is a very effective way of achieving exactly the voice recording you imagined.


I use a recording booth for a dry, clean sound, with a Sennheiser MK4 Microphone and an Audient iD14. soundcard. The files are delivered mixed and ready to use in .wav format, 44.1khz or 48khz for use on a video, 24bit stereo, unless otherwise requested. 

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