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What kind of project do you have? 


Explainer video of 1 - 3 minutes

Is your project an informational video for use on your website or for in-house purposes? Do you already have a video with an original voice, which just needs a Norwegian version in the same style? Do you need the Norwegian text to fit exactly to the original voice? 

Or are you planning on making a completely new video, based on the Norwegian voice recording?

Post Production in Process
Utforsk Verden Demo with music - NorwegianVoiceOverArtist.com_ Julie Hall
Conversational Sale w.m1., Julie Hall, Norwegian Voice Over Artist
Explainer video, w.m., Julie Hall, Norwegian Voice Over Artist

Commercial 10 - 60 seconds

Is your project of a selling character? Do you want the recording to encourage the listener to make some sort of action? Where will it be published and who is the target audience? For use on youtube, Instagram etc., commercial rights is requires. For use on radio/TV, full broadcasting rights is required.


With fewer words, each word weights more, and must be spoken with care and perfection. For these projects, 3-takes is recommended, in order to get the timing as you imagined. 1 revision is included

Family Vacation
Hard Sale, w.m., Julie Hall, Norwegian Voice Over Artist
Character voices

Character voices and children's content

Are you looking for a voice actress -sounding- like a child? Or a funny character voice for a children's program? Or any other type of character? Check out the different samples, or explain about your character.

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Dino - Character Voice - NorwegianVoiceOverArtist, Julie Hall
Piggy - Character Voices, NorwegianVoiceOverArtist, Julie Hall
Sandra Snake -Character Voice - NorwegianVoiceOverArtist, Julie Hall
Molly - Character Voice - NorwegianVoiceOverArtist, Julie Hall
Character Voice Petter, boy excited
Mimmi - Child-like sounding voice, NorwegianVoiceOverArtist, Julie Hall
Larrie - Character Grown Up voice - NorwegianVoiceOverArtist, Julie Hall
Barbara - Character Voice Grown Up - NorwegianVoiceOverArtist, Julie Hall
Dagmar - Character Voice Grown Up - NorwegianVoiceOverArtist, Julie Hall

E-learning projects and educational games

Is your text of an informational character, to be used for learning purposes within your company or organisation? Do you just need it to be read in a natural and informative manner, without that much emphasis on the perfect timing and prosody? For longer texts, 1 demo is included to decide upon the style, otherwise 1 revision is included for text up to 250 words

Business Woman Vision
E-learning demo, Julie Hall, Norwegian Voice Over Artist

Telephone Voice Mail / IVR 

Do you need new voice messages for your company’s voice mail, informing about opening times or directing them to the right person? Or does your company use IVR, an automated phone system where your clients receive information just through the telephone keypad? Please instruct what kind of tone you would like for your voice messages, (friendly and formal, excited and energetic, polite and professional, caring and compassionate etc.)

black-rotary-telephone-on-white-surface-1416530 - Copy.jpg
Prices-voicemail IVR-23.jpg
IVR Phone message, Julie Hall, Norwegian Voice Over Artist


Looking for a calm, soothing voice to read your meditation program? A voice that will make your listeners relax and feel at peace?

Beach Yoga
Meditation, w.m. Julie Hall, Norwegian Voice Over Artist


Have you written a book that you want to publish in audio as well? Are you already working with a publisher, or distributor, or do you want to sell it completely independent? For both fiction and non-fiction, the book is read in a smooth and natural way, making it intriguing and pleasant for the listener. 

The audiobook process:

Step 1:  you will receive a recorded sample of your text, so that we decide upon the right style and tempo. 

Step 2: you will receive the first completed hour, along with an invoice with 1/2 of the total price.

Step 3: you will receive all the files along with the second invoice of 2/2 of the total price.

Step 4: the files are produced and mastered to the national audiobook standard, ready for use.


We will also chat about your publishing plans. 

Book and Headphones
Storytelling, Audiobook sample 1, Julie Hall
Non-fiction, Audiobook sample, Julie Hall
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