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Voice Over Artist

Working directly with the voice of your choice

Julie Hall Norwegian Voice

In need of a Norwegian voice over for an explainer video,  commercial, audiobook or your own creative project? Norwegian Voice Over Artist offers a friendly, feminine, convincing voice for all kinds of projects.

Skip all the intermediaries - the agencies, translators and recording studios, and work directly with the voice of your choice. A direct collaboration is more time-efficient, cost-effective and you can easily communicate your visions and instructions for the recording.

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A highly skilled lady who delivers quickly! Have gotten help from her several times, and we're always very happy with the result. Strongly recommended! Thanks Julie, for a professional collaboration!

Sectel Solutions, Nordic

One voice - infinite expressions

Singer and actress Julie Hall of Norway offers professional voice recordings for a variety of purposes. With several years of experience both on stage and in the studio, Julie specializes in text work and communication through the voice.


When working only through audio, the message in the text is communicated to the listener through the techniques of speech rhythm, intonation, speed, word emphasis and prosody. Layers of subtext hide between the words, and the nuances in the way it is read can create tons of different messages. Having a deeper understanding and mastery of these techniques is a voice actress’ necessity and greatest tool.

NB: All sample texts are written by Julie for the purpose of being  genre examples. 

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How does it work?


Explain your project

Explain your project in detail. What is your project about? Who is your target audience? Will the recording be added to music or a video? Will it be used for commercials or on social media?


Get a price quote

Prices will be estimated based on word amount or video length, usage and synchronization need. 

Describe what kind of voice over your imagine; which kind of energy level, style, tempo or overall mood.


Receive your recording

You receive either a demo recording to comment on if your text is long.  If the text is short, you get the full finished recording, and if it was not quite in the style you imagined, you get 1 free revision.